Nahoko Kojima | Documentary

Nahoko Kojima


Short Film documenting the Artist Nahoko Kojima’s process in creating and hanging her unique Paper Cut Sculptures. This film coincides with her iconic piece, The Cloud Leopard (2012), while he toured across Europe having being unveiled in the Saatchi Gallery earlier that year.

Role: Creative Direction and Design of Storyboards, Copywriting, Art Direction, Shoot Direction, Motion Graphics, Video Editing.

Production: Solo Kojima

The Cloud Leopard was a commission funded by securing a grant from the Crafts Council and it was handmade by Nahoko Kojima, taking over 5 months to cut. This piece challenges established views on the meaning of sculpture and is a contemporary departure from traditional Kirie, or Cut Paper Artforms. He has toured globally, from Milan, Paris, London to Michigan in the US. He was part of Clerkenwell Design Week and has been seen by millions of people via Television interviews with the Artist both in Europe and in the US. For further information visit our Paper Cut Art & Design website below.


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