Mori 1984 Commercial

Mori 1984


Mori 1984 combines exemplary craft brewing techniques with the use of Japanese soft water. The label on the bottle was originally designed by Japanese artist, ONEQ who is known for her sexually charged and confident vixen that gaze at viewers in a manner that is both seductive and alluring. In interviews she has expressed her fascination for the Jurogumo, the folktale of a Japanese spider demon that transforms into the body of a seductive and beautiful woman. She has also cited the ocean as a source of inspiration for her. The resulting commercial builds on these potent stimuli in order to brand Mori 1984 as a craft beer that is enticing and full of mystery, and this original piece is sure to linger in the psyche of the viewer.

It was created completely using my 3D tool of choice, Houdini by SideFX. I composed the original music also.

Role: Direction and all Design/Production, Houdini FX, modelling, lookdev, lighting and rendered using Mantra. Original music score.

Production: Solo Kojima

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